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Dates of Creation:
31 October 1941
Extent of Description:
6 pages 3 x 5 in.
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S.S. Cuba, on our way to Havana, Cuba, Oct. 31, 1940. Notebook diary by Laurie Bubbett.
Scope & Content:
This notebook documents only the first day of this trip. At the end of the third page, there are no more entries. The diary begins; "Claude Rahn and I left Estero Tuesday Oct. 29, in his car, bound for Miami Fla. (Claude had come down from the north for a month's vacation, and I had gone to Estero from Mimami." Laurie talks about spending time celebrating the annual birthday of Koresh and meeting up with "Bob" Robert Graham at Palm Beach, where the three of them "...went to town for supper — Morrison's Cafeteria. Laurie continues, "The following day Claude broached the subject of a trip to Cuba." "...He has been doing well in a business way, and being his brother in law, he suggested I accompany him." The journal continues with Laurie talking about his inability to finacially meet the expenses of the trip, and Claude's offer to pay for him. He tells of taking the bus to Key West. Laurie descrives Key West, saying it is "picking up as a tourist town." Laurie closes by saying that Claude slept while he "...enjoyed a nice lunch on board." The journal ends here.
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