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June 2013 – Lazy days of summer…

As the rainy season sets in, here is how community events were described in June of 1936 – 77 years ago.

From the “Community Current Events” column – The Flaming Sword, June 1936

AFTER a visit of several months at the Unity, Leroy H. Bubbett left by train for his home in Chicago, much improved in health. A dry spell lasting several months left the surrounding woods in a condition to be easily devastated by fire. For weeks now the night sky has been illuminated by these woods fires. Sister Emily Bessemer, whom we all admired for the excellent work she did as one of our two cooks, left on May 8, to visit with relatives in Washington, D. C., for the summer. Sister Ida Fischer remains as our stand-by as chief cook. Political activity is the order of the day, the primary election for candidates to office in the state and counties being held on June 2. There are fourteen candidates in the race for governor of the state of Florida, which is a record and makes for a pretty hot contest. Mrs. Eleanore Castle, and granddaughter, Dawn, arrived from Chicago, Illinois, May 8, to make their home in Estero, where Mrs. Castle has purchased a home. She and Dawn are welcome additions to the community, and she should find many friends of former years to make her residence here a pleasant one. Brother David Richards left on May 12, for a visit of several weeks with friends in Miami. He was accompanied by Harold Thomas, of Sussex, England, who has been spending the winter at Bonita Springs and is returning to England. It is. with a real sense of loss that we record the passing of Brother Peter Blem, aged 56, on May 12. He had been suffering for some time with a chronic disorder of the digestive tract and put up a brave fight to correct it. It proved to be a losing fight, however. Brother Peter had been a member of the Unity since May, 1913, coming here from California. He was well liked by all who knew him and was unsparing in his work for the community. Brother Peter is survived by a sister in Denmark. He did some creditable work as an artist, as his pictures testify. He joins the host, of those good and faithful followers of KORESH whose names will not be forgotten so soon. Recent visitors were Mrs. A. L. Camphausen and Miss Elin Lindberg, of Fort Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Phillips and daughter, Marie, of Miami; Mrs. James Newcomb and daughter, Olive, of LaBelle; Robert and Lloyd Graham and Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Graham, of Miami; Mrs. Jean Ahrano, of Tampa, and Mrs. and Mrs. Fritz Ahrano and daughter, of Pensacola. Brother Claude Rahn, accompanied by Brother Laurence Bubbett, left for Miami on May 15, where he was to board the train for Baltimore to visit with his mother and relatives for the summer. Brother Laurence Bubbett will remain in Miami for several months to visit with friends there.

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