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We are always happy to receive donations for the archives. We recently received an envelope containing some pictures and clippings from the granddaughter of Edward Albert Wilhelm Koester Two of the photos showed a view, (taken from the Printing House, which was located on the southeast corner of the intersection of the Estero River and what is now US-41).

The two photos look like they were taken one after the other, so through the ‘miracle’ of modern technology we were able to create a panorama. Here is the photo. click on it to get the full view and effect.

The Koreshan Unity

The Koreshan Unity

The date that the photo was taken is unknown, however, as you can see the “New” Store is not there, and the road is nothing more than a path. There does appear to be an identical photo, albeit not a panorama, in the Reeves Study. It says the photo was taken about 1906.

Notice that behind the store you can see that Damkohler house with a set of steps going down to the river. Beyond that another small building along the Estero River. To the left of the Store is seen the Founder’s Home, with the old surrounding porch and behind it the Dining Hall. On the far left is the Planetary Court.

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