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Teed Photos

Recently, the Koreshan Unity temporarily donated some pictured of Cyrus Teed. Most of them are views of Koresh that we’ve never seen before, especially a ‘bearded’ Teed.

Here is one of those:

This photo was taken in Chicago, probably not long after Teeds arrival in the city. Peter Hicks, former ranger and historian at the Koreshan State Historic Site wrote in his biography of Cyrus Teed.

Dr. Teed was described at this time as 5’6″ tall weighing 165lbs. Up until 1891, he had never shaved. After that date, he was clean shaven and always wore spectacles. His hat size was 7 and his neck size was 15″. He had a deep voice and a penetrating stare. He spoke in a forceful manner and his lectures and sermons rarely lasted less than two hours. In 1891, he began to write and refer to himself as Koresh. On May 1, 1892, the Koreshans rented an estate at 99th and Oak in Washington Heights, Illinois that they named Beth Ophra

You can view other pictures by going to the Web Site

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