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It is unclear if the Koreshans celebrated Thanksgiving in the same way that we do. More than likely, it was just another day, much like Christmas. Special days, but not much celebration.

After the death of Cyrus Teed, life in the Unity began to change. Sure, there was still some expectation of the return of Koresh, but for the most part, as time rolled on, the Koreshan Unity became more of a simple commune of like individuals rather than a dedicated religious group, following their leader.

By 1948, there were not too many Koreshans left and one of the things that had been done to raise money was the conversion of the area on the north side of the Estero River into a trailer park. The photo below (and the back side of it) show Elizabeth Rahn, the second wife of Claude. Ada Price, Emma Norton, the sister of Cyrus Teed, Cora Newcomb and Bella Amrmour. As the back says, this was taken, November 25, 1948.



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