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November 2015

Well, I said I was ending the monthly feature… I changed my mind, especially after the realease of Lyn Millner’s new book, “The Allure of Immortality” which gives more energy to the study of Koreshan history.

So, this month I want to take a look at some of the documents that were included in Professor Millner’s book, at least the ones that pertain to the archives at the Koreshan State Historic Site. The KSHS archives are miniscule compared to the treasure trove located in the State Archives in Tallahassee. However, there are some fascinationg items at KSHS.

What I would like to do is to include some, although not all, the documents metioned in Professor Millner’s book, starting with a letter that Cyrus Teed wrote to his sister, Emma. This gives us the chance to “publish” individual items in the collection. I would urge you to get the book and tie these postings with the parts of the book itself. This letter is mentioned in Chapter-2, Page-26 in “The Allure of Immortality” This letter shows a human side of Teed not usually seen in his later writings.

The letter begins, “My Dear little Sister.” He asks Emma why she doesn’t write and asks why his father “…addresses my letters S.R. Teed. I don’t spell Cyrus with an S.” Teed also says that he is “…continually growing toward God and no matter how discouraging my work may look to others I am progressing to the completion to a final and absolute conjunction with My Lord the Christ of God.” In the closing of the letter, Teed signs the letter; “Your Loving Cyrus”. He then writes at the bottom; “Cyrus Cyrus, C R Teed C R R, C.



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