These photos were in the Koreshan Unity Archives (College of Life). They were transferred to the Archives of the State of Florida. Prior to the transfer, digital copies were made for the Koreshan State Historic Site.

This set was identified as the "Hattie Englert Scrapbook".

scrapbkp3b_small.jpg scrapbookp1a_small.jpg scrapbookp1b_small.jpg scrpbkp2a_small.jpg
scrpbkp2b_small.jpg scrpbkp3a_small.jpg scrpbkp4a_small.jpg scrpbkp4b_small.jpg
scrpbkp5_small.jpg scrpbkp6_small.jpg scrpbkp7a_small.jpg scrpbkp7b_small.jpg
scrpbkp8a_small.jpg scrpbkp8b_small.jpg scrpbkp9a_small.jpg scrpbkp9b_small.jpg
scrpbkp11_small.jpg scrpbkp12a_small.jpg scrpbkp12b_small.jpg scrpbkp13a_small.jpg
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